Model wearing Wedding dress, 5-start resort corridor, Bali, Indonesia, print catalogue & web





























There is something very elegant, in an image of a lady wearing a Wedding dress.

Is it the exquisite curvature of the female form?

The delicate fabrics and patterns of the dress?

Is it the way it encompasses her body?

The promise of a new future, a new tomorrow, a new life ‘’together’’?

It is probably all of the above and more, but no matter what it is, the image of a bride is always an eye stopper.

This image was shot in the corridor of a 5-star resort in Bali, Indonesia, for a bridal dress catalogue and website.

We used existing light, plus a gentle touch of flash, from the upper right part of the frame, to ‘’fill-in’’ some light on the model’s blond hair and right arm.


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