Wedding couple holding hands in front of traditional house Oia photoshoot Santorini

Santorini’s favorite ‘’color’’ is white, hands down.

White is such a strong characteristic feature of the Aegean architecture, that it sometimes feels like it is a ‘’landmark’’ of its own.

Of course, color still exists in Santorini, as is the case with this beautiful building in Oia, the small village on the north side of the island.

I have used it more than a few times for some graphically shots, usually after we arrive in Oia, and at the beginning of photo sessions, and before we move to the ‘’caldera side’’ of the village.

I love the building’s warm color and the blue door, contrasting the while of the wedding dress and the – usually – darker colors of the groom’s outfits. and I usually propose that we spend a few minutes in this spot, before we delve into the ‘’sea of white’’, meandering in Oia’s gorgeous tiny roads and alleys, for the bulk of our shooting.


Wedding ceremony by the beach, couple holding hands, sunset, Theros venue, Santorini, Greece





Theros is a beach + bar + restaurant + wedding venue, in Santorini, overlooking the Aegean sea.

This wonderful couple got married in Theros and they also had their weeding party at the same place, only a few feet away from the ceremony spot.

For the same-day wedding photoshoot we drove to Pyrgos, a picturesque all-white little village on the top of the highest Santorii hill, spending around an hour and a half, before we drove back to Theros for the Wedding party..!

Groom & four groomsmen arms folded, looking upward. Volcanic view, Santorini Wedding Greece





















There is something inherently and discreetly funny about the photo of these five men, a groom and his four groomsmen (…‘’the four horsemen of the apocalypse’’ as he called them, although of course they were riding no horses…), that I can not put my finger on.

Like as if they are gazing at the future, at a wildly different angle, a surprising one, maybe knowing something that the rest of us do not, or maybe just having fun.

The groom loved the photo, and told me that he sent it over to all his – male – friends that attended regardless of whether they attended the wedding or not.

Model wearing Wedding dress, 5-start resort corridor, Bali, Indonesia, print catalogue & web





























There is something very elegant, in an image of a lady wearing a Wedding dress.

Is it the exquisite curvature of the female form?

The delicate fabrics and patterns of the dress?

Is it the way it encompasses her body?

The promise of a new future, a new tomorrow, a new life ‘’together’’?

It is probably all of the above and more, but no matter what it is, the image of a bride is always an eye stopper.

This image was shot in the corridor of a 5-star resort in Bali, Indonesia, for a bridal dress catalogue and website.

We used existing light, plus a gentle touch of flash, from the upper right part of the frame, to ‘’fill-in’’ some light on the model’s blond hair and right arm.

Wedding visual wordplay. Brides & Grooms shoes, Next Day shot on a beach, mainland Greece

So, here we are on a beach in Greece, shooting Next Day images with a couple sitting on the blond sand, holding, hugging, kissing, resting, enjoying themselves.

And, now its time to go…and as they got up the images became ‘’obvious’’. I asked them to hold and carry each other’s shoe for a minute, while I started shooting.

I tried a few framings and compositions and this one worked best.

Bride & father & Greek musicians. Volcanic view, Dana Villas, IFirostefani,Santorini, Greece

Every wedding day and every wedding moment, is a cause for celebration in Santorini.

Many brides book Greek musicians to escort them to their wedding terrace of choice, playing and singing traditional Greek songs.

More often than not, they also stay and sing after the ceremony is over, and while the guests are mingling, having drinks and getting ready for the group shots.

This particular bride got prepared and dressed in Dana Villas.

The photo with her father and two musicians was taken next to the Dana Villas reception, before we all went down the few steps that lead to Dana’s terrace.

Wedding table with amazing volcanic view, Cavo Ventus Villa, Santorini island, Greece

It’s no wonder why getting married in Santorini, is an experience of a lifetime.

But the same also holds true for having one’s wedding dinner in front of the amazing volcanic view, enjoying the delicious food, as well as the sunset, the colors, the smells and the feelings that will be with her for a lifetime. This photography was shot at Cavo Ventus Luxury Villa, one of the most beautiful venues on the island.

There is no place in the world, to second Santorini.

Are you planning to get married, any time soon?

Why don’t you experience it yourself?





Wedding couple photographed by villa pool at sunset. Santorini Gem wedding venue, Greece

Almost all of the most popular Santorini wedding venues are located on the west side of the island, providing an unparalleled view of the ocean and Thirasia the smaller volcanic island in the ''center'' of Santorini formation.

Santorini Gem, is one of them, a location that combines one of the most beautiful terraces on the island with a villa with a pool next o it.

Its is at that pool that we created a series of images, for this beautiful English couple, taking advantage of the warm light of the setting sun, before we went back to the reception.

Wedding couple ceremony photoshoot Heliotopos hotel, volcanic view Santorini island

They say, that ‘’Life is a Circle’’.

Not sure whether this applies to all things and circumstances, but it certainly does apply to this couple.

Two lovely people, now in their second youth, that were sweethearts when younger, before life took them to different directions.

That is…until they met again, and this time knew that they were in love and wanted to be together…and here they are in Heliotopos hotel, Santorini...!

A lovely ceremony under the hot sun and a photoshoot in the nearby area, before the couple and their selected guests returned to Heliotopos, for dinner in a lovely curved roof restaurant, around a candle-lit table.

Wedding couple photoshoot in epic weather. Ia, Oia, volcanic view, Santorini island Greece

The sun is almost always shinning on an azure blue sky in Santorini, during summer time.

And then, there are some very rare exceptions when a summer storm may ''hit'' for a few hours, a very rare occurrence indeed.

This wonderful Irish couple got married on a sunny day, an elopement ceremony, just the two of them, the celebrant and myself...!

As we had ample time for a photoshoot, we decided to drive to Ia (Oia), the amazingly beautiful village on the north side of the island.

As time passed and around the time we had almost completed the shoot, clouds started to gather changing the landscape mood and giving it a unique cinematic ''feel'', with scenes and images that looked like as if they were coming from a black and white European movie...!

I proposed that we remained in the village for a little more time and take advantage of the uniqueness of the weather and the resulting atmosphere.

After having finished and virtually seconds after we got into the car, a storm hit...!...with rain and wind, in waves that lasted almost 3 hours...!

And then, again, by the end of the evening and into the night, everything quieted down again, and felt almost as if nothing unusual had happened...!

Wedding couple partying with friends during reception. Dana Villas, Santorini island

Some Santorini weddings only last for a couple of hours, including a classic photoshoot, but many of them are a full-day event..!

And when Daylight gives way to the Night, then its Party Time..!

Its the time for dinner and speeches, for gifts and Polaroid prints, and champagne and drinks, and slow dancing, and it is also a time for partying and dancing till you drop and then some..!

Now that the excitement of the day subsides and changes and transitions into the warm (..or chilly at times...) Santorini night, the name of the game is pure fun, and it is the perfect finish of a unique day.

Bride holding groom, Next Day shooting, sunbathed golden beach shot, mainland Greece

A gorgeous bride, a handsome groom, on a golden beach, on a sunny day...!

How much better can it get?

We used a golden reflector to bounce some light back to the couple, as it bathed by strong sunlight and the light reflected by the sand on to their faces and bodies did the rest.

There is no light like the Mediterranean light...!

Groom with great sense of humour during ceremony & same day photoshoot. Santorini, Greece

As much as people, myself included, love happy brides, they also love grooms with a great sense of humour.

The groom in the pictures was not just a delight to work with, photographically speaking, but had a spirit and enthusiasm, that was contagious and went viral, among the guests and the personnel that was catering for the wedding alike...!

After the ceremony, that was held in Dana Villas, we spent some time in Imerovigli and Firostefani, exploring several micro locations, shooting images until the last minute, as our driver arrived to pick us up.

That includes the second image, that was shot virtually minutes before we entered the limo and drove back to the venue.

Gentlemen dancing at Pyrgos wedding venue backyard during wedding reception. Santorini.

Dancing is irrevocably connected to weddings, receptions, parties and simply having fun.

Dancing is not restricted by age, but is an expression of joy and the appreciation and essence of being alive.

It is also one of the best ways, I know, to honor life and love, the same two main life ingredients that drive two people to get married.

This gentlemen started dancing by himself, without any music being played at that particular moment, at Pyrgos restaurant, at Pyrgos village, in Santorini, as the couple and friends and relatives were gathering, for the cutting of the cake..!

''Dance me to the end of love…!''

(Leonard Cohen)

Flight: A bride against Santorini's Volcano. An epic shot in Firostefani

It is said that ‘’a successful photography can convey to the viewer the sensation that the photographer was willing to explore’’.

But how about the sensation that the model, herself, experiences?

Imagine being that particular bride, all dressed in white, standing on the edge of the curved white roof, embracing Infinity with open arms, against the wind, soon to be married, bathed by Mediterranean sunlight...!
How about THAT feeling?

All I can do, as a visual artist, is become a humble observer and a capturer of beauty, as much as I can, and leave the rest to your imagination...!