Santorini 360 Weddings


360 Wedding Video Moments Clip (duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds):


360 Full Wedding Ceremony Video (duration 13 minutes 51 seconds):

If you are using a smartphone, or a tablet, swipe with your finger slowly, going left or right,or up or down, so that you can move around the video ''sphere'' and choose the angle from which you want to watch it.

To do the same, when using a laptop or desktop, simply ''left click'' and while holding the left mouse key down, ‘’drag’’ to the left or right,or up and down )when you choose the angle that you want to watch you can uleash the mouse key).


Q and A (Questions and Answers) about ‘’Spherical 360’’ Wedding Videos


01. What is ‘’Spherical 360’’ wedding video?

A ''Spherical 360'' – or simply ''360 Video'' – is a video recording, where the view in each and every direction, from where the camera is located, is recorded at the same time, shot using an ‘’omnidirectional’’ camera (check the Wikipedia link for more:


02. What is the main difference between the classic HD video and 360 video?

In HD video the viewer can only watch the angle/view - of the event(s) - that the videographer has chosen to capture, at any given moment. In Spherical 360 Video, ALL viewing angles are captured at any given moment and they are ALL available to watch during viewing, creating what is essentially a video ''sphere''.


03. Does this mean that the viewer can see what happens on the other side from where the couple is standing?

Yes, this is the way the 360 video experience works (although technically speaking there are no actual ‘’sides’’ when shooting in 360 Video, as the camera records everything at the same time). But, yes, this is the concept.


04. How does the viewer pick up which angle to watch?

The viewer uses her fingers, on her smartphone/tablet, to move around and navigate in the whole video sphere, at any given moment. When using a computer (laptop or desktop), she can use her mouse.


05. How can one play the 360 videos in a typical computer (desktop, laptop)?

It is very easy.

When your 360 Wedding Video is delivered to you, we will also give you two 360 video Players (software). One is for Mac, the other for PC. You just install them respectively, depending on what type of computer (Mac or PC) you use, open them up and drag-and-drop the video file in the player window, where it starts playing.


06. Does 360 Video have music, titles etc, like the ‘’normal’’ video?

Yes it does. Sound, music, titles, graphics. It has got it all.


07. How else can I watch the 360 wedding videos?

We can upload them in YouTube (if you like) and send you the link, so that you can always watch them online. These links can be set (by us) as ‘’private’’ in YouTube, so that they are only visible to the visitors that know the link and not to all other every day YouTube visitors.

You can always to share these links with friends and relatives - natturally - if you choose to.


08. Can I watch them on my smartphone and/or tablet ''offline''?

Yes, you can if you have a enough space to store the video files in your device and an appropriate 360/VR video player app. As device power, storage capacity and player app’s strength increases all the time, it will depend on the hardware/app combination that you have available.


09. What will I receive from the 360 videographer?

You will receive the 360 video files and the two players (software) one for Mac, one for PC.

For example, if we shoot a Wedding Ceremony held in a Santorini wedding venue, you will receive the following three video clips:

01. One 360 video clip capturing the preparation of the Venue and the arrival of the guests.

02. One 360 video clip capturing the Wedding Ceremony.

03. One 360 video clip capturing the group photo session after the ceremony (provided that the couple has a wedding photographer, that does groups shots after the Ceremony).

If you have booked us for more hours than are required for the wedding ceremony, you will receive 360 video clips, from more moments from the wedding day, for example: the Cutting of the Cake, the Fist Dance, the Speeches etc.


10. How will I receive the 360 video files and players (software)?

We will send you the files by WeTransfer (, a very well know web-based, large file transfer service, or by Dropbox (, or by sending you a USB stick by trackable courier.




For requests about 360 Wedding Video shootings, contact:

Giannis Angelou

[email protected]

mob: +30 6944 257 125