It is said that ‘’once in a Lifetime you meet someone that changes everything’’...!

This is probably the reason, you are reading this, right now...!

For me, my life changed forever quite a few years ago, when I first time landed in Santorini and stood, speechless, in front of the divine view of the volcanic landscape.

I spend the first few days, walking around hand in hand with my girlfriend, sipping coffee during the day and chilled white wine in the evening, swimming in the cool waters of the Aegean Ocean and contemplating life.

The amazing volcanic expanse, the gorgeous curves of the Aegean architecture, the all-encompassing white, the wind breeze, the warmth of the sun on our skins, the extraordinary sunsets, the energy all around us…did the trick.

I knew I had fallen in love with the ‘’rock’’, as we, photographers, affectionately call it.

My mind was made up instantly.

Being a photographer and visual artist by trade, I moved to Santorini the next year and started photographing, exploring it, living it, taking in as much as possible. Every curve, every corner, every inch of it.

I still do.

Time passed and my love affair with the ‘’rock’’ and photography, still makes my appreciate life and love and joy and happiness every day.

I live here since that day, having made Santorini my home, humbly devoted to capturing photographic memories, for Wedding couples, such as you, that come here from all over the world, creating memories, and telling their love stories with images.

My love for travel and new experiences brought me to Santorini.

My love for beauty, love, and photography made me stay and call it a home.

Your love for your partner, for your own life and the for the sense and the essence of enjoying the best things in life, will now guide your own steps, on the same rock.

From the first ones you will take as you land on the island, to those that will lead you down the aisle, dressed in white, to tie the knot and to begin a new wonderful chapter in your common life with your spouse.

My name is John, I am a Greek wedding photographer, and I am here for you, to photograph and preserve these precious moments, these droplets of time, for you both to enjoy for a lifetime.




John Angelou (''Giannis'' in Greek)

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