Getting married in Santorini is an excellent choice.

Nowhere in the world has a couple the opportunity to experience the gorgeous combination of amazing volcanic beauty, vibrating energy and Mediterranean light, all at the same time...!

A Wedding that you may choose to share with friends, family and loved ones, when you invite them to experience the day with you.

And yet during the wedding day, excitement is so high, that it feels that only a few minutes have passed, from the moment you getting ready and dressed, to that of walking towards the gazebo, to getting ready to start the Party...!

You are having so much fun, and time goes by so quickly, with so many things to experience, that sometimes there is hardly enough time for a wedding photoshoot on the same day, or the time available is really limited.

The concept of the Next Day Wedding Photoshoot, is the way to have and enjoy and amazing photoshoot, on the day after the wedding, or even a day after that, with no strict schedule to follow, and no obligation to be anywhere in any particular moment.

Its is just you, the couple, and me, the photographer, exploring photographic possibilities and creating amazing images, with no time pressure.

We go anywhere on the island that we choose to, regardless of distance and time constrains and create photographic magic that you will be enjoying for a lifetime..!


Q&A:  Next Day Wedding Photoshoots


01. I think I might be too tired from the wedding day, to be photographed again on the next day. Can we be photographed two days after the wedding day?

Yes, absolutely. You can book a Next Day shoot, 1 or 2 days after the Wedding Day (the term ‘’Next Day’’ is relative, not absolute).


02. Do we have to wear our wedding outfits again? (Wedding dress and suit), for the Next Day Photoshoot?

You can, but only if you want to.

Many couples do, but many couple also choose to wear some of their favorite daily, non-wedding clothes, for the Next Day Photoshoot.


03. Do I have to do my hair and makeup again from scratch, for the Next Day Photoshoots?

No, no, no, not at all.

You do not have to have your hair done again (unless you specifically want to do so).

Think of the Next Day Photoshoot, as a day trek, or a night out to a restaurant or a theater.

You can very well take care of your hair yourself, and he same applies for your makeup.

During the shoot, couples are much more relaxed, than on the Wedding Day, as it is just them and the photographer.

They are mostly being photographed interacting with the Santorini volcanic view, and therefore the photographic emphasis is on their presence in the whole captured landscap, and not so much on portraits from a close distance.


04. Which are the best locations for a Next Day Photoshoot?

All photoshoots are taking place on the west side of the island, aka, the ‘’Caldera’’, where the volcanic view is stunning, all day long.

Some of the most popular and photogenic locations can be found in Ia (Oia), on the north side of the island, and Imerovigli, in the center of the west side of the island.

They are both gorgeous...!


05. What time of the day does a Next Day Photoshoot start?

We usually propose that we start at around 09:30-10:00, so by the end of the shoot, you can go back to your hotel room, and change for lunch. This way, we can avoid most of the day heat, which can be intense during the high season. We can always start a bit later though, if you feel you are not willing to leave your bed too early...!

If you *are* an early riser and you feel like getting up really early, and especially if we are shooting in Ia (Oia), we can accommodate shootings that start as early as 07:00, if you choose to.

The extra benefit from early Next Day Photoshoots, is that there are not too many visitors walking on the streets, that early in the morning.


06 Can we book a sunset Next Day Photoshoot?

As we are mostly photographing weddings in the evenings, all Next Day Photoshoots are taking place in the morning hours and are usually concluded by 13:30-14:00 or earlier, depending on the time we start.

You can book us in advance for a Morning Next Day Photoshoot, and if there is an evening opening available, we will let you know, and switch it to an evening/sunset shooting.

Please be advised that the final confirmation, about whether switching to an evening/sunset shoot is possible, can only be given no earlier than two weeks before the booked photoshoot date.

If possible, we will be glad to switch to afternoon and sunset time, if not then we will proceed with a morning Next Day photo session.

In any case you will have a wonderful set ofm images to enjoy for a lifetime...!