Are you visiting Greece any time soon? (or have you already packed your bags?)…

Are you staying in Thessaloniki, or Athens, or have you perhaps booked a beautiful room, in a traditional guesthouse in the countryside?

Are you going to stay for just a few days - or maybe a few more - to escape, relax and unwind? (…or are you here on a business trip?...)

Oh well….no matter for how long, or why you visit Greece, you are surely going back home with some wonderful memories..!

May we propose that we create a new one for you?

Do you love (or like, or have considered so far…) ‘’Boudoir’’ Photography?



How about we create a gorgeous Boudoir photography session, just for you?

We shoot individual and couple boudoir (and non-boudoir) sessions, for ladies and couples that visit Greece and are interested in creating a gorgeous set of pictures, as a present to themselves from themselves.


If you love (or like, or consider…) what you are reading, we would love to hear from you..!

To know more, please take a few moments and to read some useful facts bellow, or drop us an email at: [email protected] (or propose a time for a Skype meeting, contacting ‘’giannisaggelou’’.

Thanks and do get in touch..!





01. What do I need to bring with me?

      We recommend that you bring at least two and preferably a few more sets of your favorite light clothes and underwear. Sexy long and short stocking to your liking, a favorite blouse, a white shirt…whatever you fancy. Make sure you are comfortable and feel beautiful wearing them. Body accessories that you love.

02. How about shoes?

Favorite heels, flats, boots or other types of shoes that you love wearing  (including those fluffy slippers), as many and as diverse as you like (or you can carry in your luggage).

04. What about hair and makeup?

We can recommend local hair and make up artists. You should have all necessary make up accessories with you, to refresh your make up during the shoot.

05. Can I have my boyfriend or girlfriend with me, in the same room, during the shoot?

Yes, of course you can. Please limit your friend’s presence to one person, in the room (thanks!).

06. Do you work with an assistant?

Most of the times I have a female assistant with me.

07. Are you bringing any accessories for the shoot?

Except for the photo and lighting gear, I am bringing pieces of cloth, like black, white, red, gray, and a few colors, to create compositions and add extra texture, shape and form to some of the images.

08. I have never done a boudoir shoot and I don’t know how to pose.

Don’t worry, it is very easy and I will guide you, step by step, all the way.

09. What kind of room will we shoot in?

The shoot will be done in the hotel room that you have booked for staying. We will make minor rearrangements of items in the room, if necessary, to free more visual space. When you book a room, the more beautiful it is, the more spacious and the more balcony doors there are, the better. So, when you book the room online, choose a room that you really like.

10. What time does the shoot start and how much time does it take

We usually start around 11:00-11:30, when hair and make-up is ready. The shoot usually lasts 3-4 hours.

11. What if I need to take a break?

Of course you can take a break anytime you feel like it…!

12. What will I receive and when?

You will receive all selected and artistically edited shots in a USB stick, in high resolution.

Delivery time is one week from the shoot. We will register mail the USB stick to you (your country).

13. When do I pay?

Complete payment is due in the day of the shoot.

14. How much is the price for the shoot?

Our photo shoot fee is 350 euros, including all post processing of the images. Please note that this does not include the fee of the hair and make-up artist(s) if you choose to use them. You can pay her/him/them individually.