Backlit Wedding couple by the beach, at sunset. Theros venue, Santorini island, Greece

I photographed this beautiful, loving couple on the beach of Theros wedding venue in Santorini, a few minutes before sunset.

They got married on the sand, a few feet away from the waves, surrounded maybe a couple of dozen friends and relatives, who travelled all the way from the UK and Scotland to share their special day with them.

As the ceremony took place almost at dusk, we had less than half an hour for the after-ceremony shooting before the sun disappeared from the horizon and the couple walked up the stairs of Theros to join everyone else for the cutting of the cake and the wedding party.

As I had visited and studied the location on the previous day, I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot and I work really fast.

For this image, I lowered my body towards the sand, and cropped the frame, in a way that I would only include the waves and not the sand.

I placed a portable battery-powered flash on a small black tripod behind the couple, and just out of line of sight, and controlled it remotely from the camera.

I shot a few variations of the image, with more sky, less sky, more waves, fewer water, lower angle, higher angle etc., and this is the one that appealed to both the couple and me the most.


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