Two Groomsmen & three little Bridesmaids, looking at Ocean. ''Akro'' wedding venue, Santorini






















Movies are made of scenes.

So are Weddings.

There are the main scenes, like the arrival of the Bride, the exchange of the Rings, reading your Vows, the first Wedding Kiss, walking away from the gazebo being showered with flower petals, by friends and relatives.

And then there are many other moments, that are taking place, before, during and after everything.

Unexpected moments, fleeting moments, unscheduled moments, that form themselves suddenly, unique like snowflakes that may last for a few seconds and be gone without a trace.

Gifts, if you are there to see them and – perhaps – capture them.

If you are paying enough attention, that is.

And have a camera in hand.

I am.

I do.


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