Wedding couple photoshoot in epic weather. Ia, Oia, volcanic view, Santorini island Greece

The sun is almost always shinning on an azure blue sky in Santorini, during summer time.

And then, there are some very rare exceptions when a summer storm may ''hit'' for a few hours, a very rare occurrence indeed.

This wonderful Irish couple got married on a sunny day, an elopement ceremony, just the two of them, the celebrant and myself...!

As we had ample time for a photoshoot, we decided to drive to Ia (Oia), the amazingly beautiful village on the north side of the island.

As time passed and around the time we had almost completed the shoot, clouds started to gather changing the landscape mood and giving it a unique cinematic ''feel'', with scenes and images that looked like as if they were coming from a black and white European movie...!

I proposed that we remained in the village for a little more time and take advantage of the uniqueness of the weather and the resulting atmosphere.

After having finished and virtually seconds after we got into the car, a storm hit...!...with rain and wind, in waves that lasted almost 3 hours...!

And then, again, by the end of the evening and into the night, everything quieted down again, and felt almost as if nothing unusual had happened...!


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