Elopment couple, ceremony, holding each other, sitting on curved roof, Santorini photoshoot

This couple eloped in Santorini and got married in one of the most beautiful wedding terraces on the island, namely Dana Villas. There were five people on the terrace, on their wedding day.

She, he, the Celebrant, the wedding planner and myself…!

I loved it…!

The couple had made its own dinner arrangements for the evening and had booked me for the ceremony, plus one more hour of photo shooting, in the nearby area.

This means that we had no time for driving around, or visit more locations, and we had to go anywhere that we choose on foot.

Thankfully, the nearby area is full of little wonderful spots, as is most of the west (volcanic view) part of the island, and we were spoiled for choice.

The time of the ceremony was carefully chosen, so that the photoshoot time would conclude with a wonderful Santorini sunset...!


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