Wedding couple reception, hotel terrace at dusk, thessaloniki, Greece

I visited this terrace, where the wedding party would take place, during the day, a couple of days before the wedding. While the view was stunning (one could see a good part of the city including the commercial harbor), the colors – during the day time – were not too impressive.

But, it was all good, as the wedding party would start late in the evening and go on until late at night.

I had checked my angles and I knew exactly want I wanted.

I talked the couple, telling them what I had in mind, and a few minutes before the light was perfect, I ‘’borrowed’’ them from the friends and family.

I had them – just for me – for maybe half an hour, exactly when the colors were rich and wonderful and absolutely right for our photos.

The magic hour last almost that much, thirty minutes or so, after which I ‘’delivered’’ them back to their friends as the party had started to fire up..!


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