Wedding couple, warm colored cloudy sunset, Santroini Gem Venue, Greece

Santorini sunsets can be so breathtaking, that make other sunsets, in other parts of the world pale in comparison.

In my opinion, they look even better when there is some cloud texture in the sky, as it reflects the rich colors that the sun creates, when it is getting ready to say ‘’goodbye’’ for the day and let the island welcome the night.

I, sometimes, find myself looking at a few images for minutes at a time, trying to decide which ones to select and send to my couples.

As was the case with this posting.

I must have spent more than five minutes, trying to make my mind up, which one to post and which one to leave on my hard drive.

I even threw a coin in the air, heads or tails…!

Eventually, and as I could not pick just one, as I love them both, I opted to upload them both.

Both images were created on the left side of Santorini Gem Wedding Venue, in Santorini.



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