Bride ''dancing'' on the water between palm trees in front of hotel pool in Bali Indonesia

In 2013, I accepted an invitation to fly and work in Bali, Indonesia, for a few months.

I jumped at the opportunity, as I really wanted to explore wedding photography in South East Asia, and I also wanted to spend some time staying at a dear friend’s, Glen Allison’s, villa near Ubud.

Glen had spent twenty years roaming the world at will, working as a travel stock photographer, distributing his images mainly through Getty Images (you can see his current work here).

After the decline of photo stock as an industry, he reinvented himself and has now evolved into an amazing fine art visual artist.

While staying at Glen’s place, for the duration of the wedding season, I shot a number of weddings mainly on the island of Bali, using exotic locations, beaches and venues, that are, quite different, visually, from those of the Mediterranean area.

This bride in this photo looks like she is running and dancing on water.

The images was staged and shot in a luxurious five-star resort in south Bali. It was a slightly windy day, with fluffy clouds in the sky, and for a moment it looked like as if it might start turning into a storm.

Thankfully, the weather remained bright and sunny through most of the day, giving us plenty of time to shoot all the images that we needed.


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