Wedding couple touching lips, kissing, in front of the White Tower, Thessaloniki Greece.

This handsome man, is the ‘’shaved’’ Italian groom, from the previous blogpost.

The bride, a Greek woman, is also, of course, stunning...!

As the couple would fly out of Greece a couple of days after the wedding, we did not have enough time for a next Day photoshoot, and so, we had to use the little time available between the church ceremony and the reception.

We drove to the White Tower, Thessaloniki’s most famous landmark, where we spend approximately an hour or so, creating images for their wedding album.

 We also shot a few photos of them both in front of the monument, to be sent to friends and relatives that could not make it to the wedding.

This image is my favorite of them all, as it depicts the ‘’perfect kiss moment’’.

It looked great in color too, but the black and white version is, in my opinion, even better.


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